About Me . . . Petra

Starting out with epilating from the word go for some is pretty hard. So, about me . . . I (Petra) had not started out using an epilator. YET if I only knew what I know now, I can promise you that I would have started with an epilator in the very beginning.

I’ve gone through the process of shaving for several years. Then getting married, had found out that waxing was a lot easier and longer lasting. The difference being that you will need to wait roughly 3-4 weeks before you are able to wax again.

More money and more time wasting . . . of course, 10+ years later, I had stumbled onto my epilator.

Now, I will not lie and say that I do not WAX although this is only carried out one or twice a year, if that. My epilator is my best friend. Once changing over from waxing, I did spend a fair bit of money on my epilator but it has lasted for 5+ years. Money well worth spent.

If you can stick it out, then use an epilator. If you cannot, then do yourself a favour and try waxing instead as an alternative. If you are wanting more information, head over to this: https://aboutwaxing.com


Petra Radajic-Tucci