Hair Removal Techniques

Learning a hair removal technique is simple enough to learn BUT how you do it, does take a little practice. The technique used is to pull against your hair

Learning hair removal techniques is simple enough to learn BUT how you do it, does take a little practice. The technique used is to pull against your hair growth. If doing this at home for the very first time, then here is a run down of how it more or less worked for me?

Brazillian at Home:

You have decided to give a do-it-yourself (DIY) brazillian at home. Spreading your legs wide apart for a stranger to see right into the gap of your genitals . . . well, i will be able to provide you with some recommendations within the privacy of your home instead!

The best Area?

Make certain that your area is very bright, preference being a bathroom with mirror. You also have an incomprehensible checklist of everything you could need before waxing.

What Position?

Start by sitting down, in a reclining backward movement, letting you knees fall apart. When doing your back half (around the anus), propping up one leg onto a chair may also help?

What Area(s)?

Either start from the very back end OR working from the outer edges in the front and working your way inwards.

Apply the wax in tiny sections. To be larger than between 2 to 4 cm (1 to 3 inches) to ensure a smooth finish and not missing any areas. Also, make sure that you use a reputable waxing product so not needing to reheat the wax. You can use cold wax strips (heating strips held between your hands. An alternate option is making sure that you cut these down to size.

Make sure (as I have mentioned before) that holding your skin sd firm as possible. The firmer and smoother the skin is, the easier the hair will be to remove. An added benefit is that there will be less pain due to eliminating the pressure of pulling of the skin.

Waxing & Hair Removal Techniques

REMEMBER to pull in the opposite direction of hair growth. If starting at the top, the hair growth is usually downward. To apply the wax in a downward motion & pulling it upwards, towards you when removing. When doing your back half (hair around the anus) area, you will need to go in the opposite direction as your front. When doing your inner thigh area, the hair growth tends to grow towards the centre but also sideways. This may need you to change from pulling upwards or downwards position.

Wax (hot wax applied onto the skin with a spatula) should feel sticky before pulling off. Cold (strip wax) should be place onto the skin, warmed with you hand before pulling off.

Repeat process until all the desired hair is removed.

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Once finished, go to my Answering Your Questions page on what to do and what to put on after you have finished waxing.

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