Know How to Walk with my new Adidas Shoes/Runners

Considering this type of shoe is in fact a running shoe, this has come as a complete surprise.

If, life myself, have lower back pain such as your L4/L5 areas, this shoe is worth looking into further. Although I still have a slight (less) of a limp, but have no paint what-so-ever.

The shoe/runner itself is very, very light weight. The areas which tend to take the most wear and tear, have thicker materials used. This is a deterrent for wear and tear issues to arise. The sole, being very important if looking for wear and tear is in perfect condition (as per photos below).


The inside sole/lining of the shoe/runner is sewn in, then glues down on the outside. The materials inside the actual sole is firm. When pushing against this, it’s very, very supportive as far as the heel of your foot goes. Your whole foot has support from the start/end of your heel to the front of your actual foot/big toe(s).

I am only guessing that this has some type of air cushioning with some other form of materials. Thus, allowing full support of the foot itself.

I will let you know of my progress over the next few weeks 🙂

20/11/2019 EDIT/UPDATE:

Its been almost 5 weeks since writing this post. I’m going to give you my feedback based on my personal experience.

So far, the shoes are still intact all over. They haven’t fallen apart or for that matter, splitting at the seams &/or in the soles itself. This is a huge positive considering my past experience(s).

The quality of shoes/runners is also pretty decent. Although there is no platform in &/or around the arch area for your foot, it still has excellent support. But, having a sure back a few times during this time frame, this shoe/runner did not help in my situation. Yes, I had to go back to my Chung Shi shoes for a few days. Worse still, the Chung Shi shoes helped to stabilise me and again, walk. Note: If you suffer from back problems &/or lower back problems, hold onto your Chung Shi shoes/runners as a backup.

Walking with these shoes/runners and a narrow fit, this shoe/runner does accommodate well. When the front part of your foot is moving forward, it gives excellent support for your foot/feet. Also on the surface you’re walking on itself. I will have to admit that its still like walking on air. It does feel awesome especially when having a sore foot or feet for that matter.

The ball of the foot, being the padded part between your toes and arch is almost the centre of the foot. The majority of your weight falls to the ball when taking the next step with your other foot to walk. It’s a great feeling as there is no pressure on my back, lower back, feet, ankles &/or legs. An added bonus being the colour scheme of this shoe/runner is attractive and would appear to most people.

For me, I would rate this shoe a 8.5 out of 10. Why? Because I having a sort back, I had to go back to my other shoe/runner. This shoe was not able to support me.

By aboutepilating

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