Sketchers or Skechers? You decide . . .

The first thing I had noticed when I put these shoes/runners on my feet were that they were a little wider across the top. (Note: the width being ball birth &/or ball girth width of my foot).

If you have a wider foot or for that matter, swollen feet then this is a bonus. Why? Because it will mean that you cannot have an excuse for not going out &/or going for a walk!

The shoe/runner itself is very light weight. It almost feels as though you don’t have a shoe on. When you begin to walk, your feet will be unstable, finding yourself wobbling from side to side (left to right). This will take some time to adjust as well as balance itself. Because of its sole not being completely flat but curved, it will take a while to walk in the shoe/runner itself. At least in a proper manner. You will know what I mean if you get to try them out before purchasing.

It is a learning curve as well as taking it very low, especially if more older. You will learn to feel the shoe/runners itself. Although it will take a little time, you will no doubt have some fun along way. I know by starting out with this new shoe/runner by Sketchers/Skechers Shape-ups, that I am looking forward to it.

Today, being one (1) week, will keep you all updated on my progress. I had started on Friday, 6 September 2019. (Link below – pics of my shoes)

Edit: 19/10/2019

After six (6), almost seven (7) weeks of continuous use, this is what I’ve come across. Although the soles have come apart a little (as per photos), they are in fact, still intact. Support wise for back &/or leg ailments, not as supportive. For my lower back in particular, I still feel some nerve/muscle pain but not as severe.

I’ll give this my over all rating of 5 out of 10. These shoes/runners were not for me.

By aboutepilating

Writing on Quora since September 2017 as well as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest & Instagram. Since then, I have created 4 websites - Waxing, Epilating, Breakfast Drinks & Sugar, Spice & Everything Nice but have now amalgamated all of these into the one (1) site. Currently working on 2 Google My Business sites titled WEBProductAust and PETRAorg.

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