Feeling Sensual and Sexy

I have talked about waxing, epilating, sex and now I want to talk about you! Yes, I am female but its still going to be about you, being intimate, feeling sensual and best of all, enjoying it.

Women, I know do aim to please although you do want freedom also but I am going to tell you that you can have both?

Women are curious to know some answers to: “do men prefer women with or without pubic hair” or “what are the benefits for women with no pubic hair”? Another one is, “why don’t men remove their pubic hair”? So, lets delve further and get some answers . . . yes?

Feeling Sensual and Sexy

First of all, do men prefer women with or without hair? What is in it for you? For starters, having your phallus free of hair will help both couples engage in more foreplay as well as exploring each other more in depth. An added bonus is having your scrotum hair free, which can be achieve with hard wax or using an epilator. Within 10-15 minutes, you will be looking forward for some play time. When both couples have no pubic hair, this also opens up other avenues for sexual exploration as well as experimentation.

Benefits of both of you having no pubic hair? Well, for starters, you will cancel all work commitments as these sorts of activities usually last up to an hour, if not more. Some will decide on having a break before resuming play again but more to the point, clean up as well as hygiene is of utmost importance. This will allow for exploration again and again and again.

This I will leave up to your imagination on what you and your partner are doing. I have mentioned in previous posts when waxing or epilating, not to forget to exfoliate before and after, as well as shaving kits and wipes.

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