Rocker Shoes vs Orthotics

I’ve recently purchase a pair of rocker shoes. The brand Chung Shi are leather upper and are white in colour. They also come in similar styles and various colours.

Walking with a slight limp on my left side, which I believe had from birth has become more noticeable. There is also the added pain as I have aged.

So, going on my 1st pair of rocker shoes, Chung Shi and the 2nd pair being MBT with a half orthotic insole inserted inside. I will also be reviewing Sketchers/Skechers at a later date (if I can get hold of the appropriate shoe and sizing) that is?

Chung Shi:

It relieves the pressure from my lower back area as well as giving me support in walking. I would not recommend this shoe for running in. The 15-25mm on the front and back of the shoes to the floor, or flat surface level is a lot. Jogging is not an option either but with time and practice, you can achieve it.

For walking and posture, this shoe does provide the benefits. This is quite an expensive shoe for some to be able to buy. Besides relieving pressure, it allows the foot to step on the back, rolling to the front of the toes in a forward motion. Some are finding themselves walking &/or stepping on their outer/inner heels to walk? Depending on your foot/feet as well as joints and pelvis area, can correct this without orthotics.

The picture shown (below) shows how the bottom of the shoe are on an angle & to a slight point. Almost like a “v” rather than a curve. There has been no need for me to use an orthotic with this particular show but I do wear an insole.

Chung Shi Sole – “V” rather than “curve”

I have been using this shoe now for over 8 weeks now. I am not able to find the words to use how this particular shoe has helped me. I am wanting to buy another but will wait as I am still wanting to test the other shoes out.

Chung Shi Rocker Shoes

Which ones?

MTB and Sketchers/Skechers

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