Pubic Hair Removal

There are a lot of misconceptions on why people, whether male or female remove their pubic hair. Some like it as they are exploring their sexuality.

Other reasons are for the following:

  • it feels clean it looks clean less sweaty
  • sexual pleasure pleasing their partner (partner requesting pubic hair removal)
  • feeling sensual themselves by being hairless
  • some people suffering from psoriasis &/or dermatitis in the groin area

There are also reasons why Doctors/GP’s don’t like women (or men) for that matter, removing their pubic hair. Some may cause ingrown hairs. In particular, if hair removal is your private part area and having an ingrown hair will be very painful.

The other factor which can some into play is not being able to urinate. Why? Because the area becomes inflamed, cause swelling and possible infection. So, taking care and being cautious is necessary. Should irritation occur, then also consult your Doctor/GP and not shy about your dilemma.

Here is a picture below which I will show you how an ingrown hairs can look as well as very sore to touch:

Pubic Hair Removal

I had a few months ago of this year, responded to a question on Quora about pubic hair removal. This was my response which was my or less my response as per below:

Is there any other evidence on young women’s perceptions/practices about genital appearance with a prevalence of pubic hair removal? 

If you are wanting an honest answer then yes, there are a lot of perception out there on pubic hair removal. Believe it not, the truth of the matter is that people talk about it and are curious but not actually doing it themselves. 

For the ones that are, myself included, is important to remember that you should always do it for yourself and for your satisfaction only. You should NOT do this to please someone else but rather if it pleases someone else, then this is a bonus for you! 

If you are wanting to know some of the Pro’s as to why girls/women are wanting to go “the full monty”, “brazilian” or “XXX”, then here they are:

  • it feels clean;
  • it looks clean;
  • less sweaty

If you are wanting to know further information, I have come across this article, just recently from a Ob/Gyn point of view, as to the Con’s of pubic hair removal. 6 Reasons Your Gyno Wishes You’d Leave Your Pubic Hair The F Alone  

My final thoughts on this . . . at least from the Ob/Gyn’s point of view, they still cannot understand why everyone is doing it and LOVING it also . . . perhaps they should try it for themselves. 

Only my personal opinion.

So, going back to your question and answers that I will answer with honesty is this . . . although I am a big advocate of pubic hair removal, greater care and hygiene needs are not forgotten.

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