Chemotherapy and Your Hair

I am by no means experienced in giving my view when it comes to Chemotherapy but wanted to write this post. I’ve had a few requests, recently asking if short hair looks good. Some, have also stated that going through Chemotherapy and are female on how to deal with it?

If you are going through Chemo, don’t worry about your hair loss.

Wait until your treatment has finished, then after a month or two (2), start treating hair loss. You have enough to worry about for now. I know from experience having long hair, past my bra strap & to my waistline is not easy if I had decided to cut it all off. To tell you the truth, I had cut my hair, shaved on the sides too so I do understand how it feels. Although, back to your problem.

I have written an article on Men’s Baldness which covers natural products to help hair growth. Also, wanted to show some pictures of women, who have very short hair.

It still looks quite chic (or chique) yet feeling good within themselves.

I have suggested that you look in Hair Magazines and various books. I have also suggested that you look on Pinterest under Pixie haircuts or female very short hair. There are some beautiful hair style out there that had even surprised me.

As for men, I haven’t forgotten about you. Having a full head of hair to going to having only hair on the sides or thinning can be daunting. I would suggest looking on Pinterest also. I have quite a few Men’s Hairstyles on my account. If you are wanting to look further, especially during Chemotherapy treatment.

By aboutepilating

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