Men’s Hygiene Wipes

We all know what wipes are and most would associate them with cleaning a babies bum. Then there are the others which are Wet wipes, Medicated wipes and Feminine wipes so, yes, there is quite a range.

More so, the burning question is . . . Are they biodegradable and can men use them?

Wet wipes can be useful as toilet paper? You’re asking how or why? Some toilet papers do have a scent which may cause you to have an allergic reaction to the chemicals used.

It would be also of beneficial use if our Hospitals would be able to look into an alternative rather than toilet paper. This would be quicker in some aspects and a cheaper alternative in buying in bulk?

Here are some of the brands which I have come across which you may consider using:

Also comes in a FULL SET – Manscaped Perfect Package 2.0 Kit Contains: Electric Trimmer, Ball Deodorant, Body Wash, Performance Spray-on-body Toner, Double Edged Straight Razor, Five Piece Nail Kit, Luxury Bag, Shaving Mats

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