Waxing whilst Pregnant

I remember my time when pregnant whilst trying to wax and never mind it being a singleton but twins! Shock is an understatement to say the least . . .

Fast forwarding all the trivial details and I will talk about looking after yourself.

It has now been several years that I have been waxing.

1st Trimester:

Being my 1st trimester, a little exhausted and fatigue, that I had a “light bulb” moment . . . how to remove unwanted hair?

I did think of using a razor again but going back to shaving every 2 or 3 days was out of the question. So, using a hair removal cream was also going to go. It now occurs to me that at some point, it will be difficult to maneuver a razor or cream down there.

Next was my waxing? Could my partner help, a friend or even consider a professional in a salon? Well, there is no reason for you not to go to a salon other than your skin being extra sensitive whilst pregnant. Women have noticed a difference in pain threshold pre & post pregnancy. Other noticing their pain threshold being a considerable jump. From personal experience, I remembered post-baby to be extra painful.

2nd Trimester:

My 2nd trimester consisted of skin changes, a growing belly and breasts to name a few. I was only able to see half of my feet, being the arch of my feet to my toes.

3rd Trimester:

My partner was my first choice, followed by purchasing an epilator. There was less mess using an epilator and no need in reheat wax. An epilator was more manageable with both of us using it as well as the harder to reach places. My esthetician had given me other options as well as other products to use.

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It is up to you. Some women are more comfortable in taking a better safe than sorry approach. Others use everything unless proven otherwise.

Waxing whilst Pregnant

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