Bakuchiol – A Natural Herb Alternative for Anti-Ageing

What is Bakuchiol you ask? It is a natural herb alternative for Anti-Ageing. It is under cultivation as medicinal crop in many parts of India.

Adding bakuchiol to your skin care is about to become a lot easier. Although its pronouncation? “buh-koo-chee-all” OR “back-uh-heel” is another story.

So, what actually makes Bakuchiol superior to retinol? One benefit is that it’s gentle and soothing to the skin, rather than sensitising. The seed, root and leaves of Babchi in the form of powder is to treat skin diseases.

Some worth noting are vitiligo, poisoning, caries, deafness, filaria and for conception. It is also NOT harmful when used during pregnancy. Unlike retinol and other retinoids, that Obstetricians &/or Gynacologists recommend avoiding.

According to Ayurveda, root is useful in carries of teeth where as its leaves are good for diarrhoea. Fruit is diuretic and causes biliousness. It is useful in treatment of: vomiting, piles, bronchitis, inflammation, anaemia etc.

It improves hair growth and complexion. Seeds are refrigerant, alternative, laxative, antipyretic, anthelmintic, alexiteric and good for heart troubles. The seed oil is for external use in treatment of elephantiasis.

It’s applied external in treatment of skin related troubles.

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What is so good is that it comes from this medicinal plant with amazing properties. Ageing itself fosters inflammation . More biological markers of inflammation develop in elderly subjects . The reason for this is not yet known. It is a general slowing down of anti-oxidative, hormonal and detoxifying functions.

Two (2) products from Ole Henriksen, available from Sephora are:
Glow Cycle Retin-ALT Power Serum; and Goodnight Glow Retin-ALT Sleeping Crème are a pastel lilac shade and both natural due to the colour of the plant.

Clinical studies on Bakuchiol’s benefits had been published four (4) years ago in the International Journal of Cosmetic Science.

It’s only taken until now for the ingredient to trickle down to the mainstream.