Epilating Stretchmarks

Most, if not every one has some sort of stretchmarks. The proper term known as Striae Distensae – SD!

Whether male or female, we get stretchmarks for various reasons. The most common one (1) is pregnancy. Stretchmarks can also be common during pubescence which the culprit being weight gain. In males and a minority of females, get stretchmarks due to steroid use. Although known for medical purposes, they are also used for weightlifting in sports.

They might be small or thick white lines around and under the butt cheek regions or thigh and stomach.

While epilating over free saggy or fat skin, it is best to stretch skin against hair growth. Epilators with facial extras would be useful. If not, this will NOT hamper in accomplishing a similar outcome.

Note: Some cheaper models have had tweezers pinching or catching skin.

If you have any stretchmarks, there is no need to feel embarrassed. You can read my post Epilating and Skin for more ideas on how to overcome this small hiccup when epilating.

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