Epilating and Skin

Epilating is very much like waxing. It is when you pull, or in this case, stretching your skin that you’re pulling the hair out from the root. This is to stunt the regrowth, achieving longer-lasting smoothness.

An epilator works very much like an electric shaver but with a rotating roller with a set of tweezers. This mechanism is what plucks your hair out from the roots when held up against the skin.

Epilating can be quite scary at first and especially when there are so many other ways in hair removal. For the most part, some say that if you’re used to waxing your body, then epilating will be no different.

Benefits of Epilating?

There are several benefits of epilation, which are:

*  is that your hair will grow back slower and finer. Again, no different (in most cases) like waxing, giving you hair free results for up to four weeks;

*  it isn’t messy like waxing and that you can do it at home and anytime;

*  MOST (although not ALL) epilators work by grabbing the smallest or even fine hairs, as short as 0.5mm, being the same as two (2) days of growth;

*  waxing generally tends to grab hairs of 2mm length, so epilation is more precise.

For full details and on more information about Epilators in general, the link has been provided below:

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