Does Pubic Lice still Exist?

FACT: you don’t need to have sex to get pubic lice.

People are more prone to getting it when having coarse hair in areas such as:

  • armpits;
  • eyelashes;
  • beards;
  • moustache; and of course, the most obvious
  • private parts.

Pubic lice can be hard to get rid of but no more difficult than the more common head lice or nits.

If you or your partner have caught pubic lice, then treatment from your Pharmacist or a visit to your Doctor/GP would be advisable.

Pubic lice still exists. Partners engaging in sexual activity that wax, having Brazilians do lower their risks. Being active does have other symptoms which should make you aware of, such as sexually transmitted infections (STI’s).

If you have contracted pubic lice, first treat the cause rather than going for the razor blade and start shaving your pubic hair region. Again, speaking with your Pharmacist &/or Doctor/GP is the best option.

When using insecticide products on yourself, make sure you follow the manufacturers directions. Lotions or creams placed onto the skin, especially once shaven may cause a skin rash so best to check first. Avoid scratching the area as this may also cause a skin irritation.

In the instance of having nits in your eyelashes, special eye ointment, shampoo or cream would be an option to avoid eye irritation.

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