Makeup Mistakes

Some common make up mistakes and how to fix them:

Q: Choosing a foundation?
A: Best way to check your foundation is in natural light. Also, go with a bare face with nothing on your skin.

Q:What is the best way to fill your eyebrows?
A: The preferred method is using an eyebrow powder or matte eye shadow. Eyebrow pencil gives you a more defined look but can look harsh.

Q: Which shade of concealer hides dark circles under your eyes?
A: You should use a concealer that is one shade lighter than your actual skin color.

Q: Tinted Moisturiser or Foundation for lips?
A: A tinted moisturiser is ample and able to hydrate as well as even out skin tones. Foundation adds a layer of color, giving you more coverage. Tinted moisturisers look always more natural

Q: What is the best way in wearing Blue Eyeshadow?
A: Wear blue eyeliner instead of the traditional black or brown. Try ice blue in the inner corners or navy blue to make the whites of your eyes look whiter.

Q: Full Lips and Thin Lips? How to wear lipstick?
A: Having thin lips, is best to wear a bright red or another bright colour. Dark lipstick will make your lips look more thinner. Having full lips, a dark wine, in a creamy or shiny finish.

Q: Where do you place blush bronzer?
A: All over the face where the sun hits.

Q: Where and how to use foundation?
A: Using foundation, is best for your face as well as your neck area. Blend well to avoid a line between &/or near your chin and jaw areas.

Q: When or How to apply primer?
A: Makeup primer comes in a cream or gel that fills in fine lines and enlarged pores. It keeps your face from becoming too oily or sweaty. It can help keeping you looking fresh for hours

Q: What is the difference between Bronzer and Foundation?

A: Bronzer is generally used to warm the skin tone. Foundation is to even out skin tone, cover blemishes and any pigmentation.

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