Electrolysis and Skin

I am very passionate when I talk about hair removal and like everybody else, I too have hair which I remove. I talk about waxing and epilating and would like to go further into Electrolysis.

Hormones do play a huge part when it comes to excessive hair on our bodies and in particular, this could be on the face or legs. Yes, there are your arms, backs (particularly in men), back of the neck and chest. Let’s focus on the face and legs for now.

Hair growth has four cycles and after two (2) weeks of being hair free, is when you will usually see new hair coming out from the skin, which will be noticable.

With Electrolysis, one (1) hair follicle may need 3-10 treatments. The procedure involves a very find sterilised filament inserted into the hair follicle which is a natural opening of the skin

Skin is not pierced or broken. Once the filament(1) is inserted, a small amount of current is applied. The current cauterises the papilla, which is the tiny capillary responsible for causing the hair to grow. The current loosens the hair within the follicle, so with tweezers the hair sliding out easy.

There is not much information on Electrolysis and of the information that is available, does not go in depth. I will start from the beginning and if you’re asking if this is a permanent solution? Then, yes it is although very expensive!

The down side to this treatment and I will be quite blunt is that quite a few will see this as being very profitable. More so, seeking a potential client as $$$$.

So, before you under go this treatment, these are what you need to look out for:

Hair on the body is not present all at once as it grown in cycles:

1. Anagen (growth phase) lasts between 3 to 5 years and determines the length of hair. In the Asian culture in particular, the Anagen Phase tends to last up to 7 years.

2. Catagen (regression phase) lasts approximately 10 days. Hair follicle shrinks, detaching from the dermal papilla.

3. Telogen (resting phase) will last around 3 to 4 months. Around 10% to 15% of hairs are in this phase. whilst old hair is resting, a new hair regins the growth phase.

4. Exogen (shedding phase) is a period when a hair resting reaches its terminal position in a follicle to when it detaches. The resting hair loosens, resulting in shedding of the hair.

Hairs that are visible are the ones that can be treated. Having already covered the four stages of hair growth, it will usually take around four (4) to five (5) months of regular treatments. For each hair in that area/region, will need treatment at least once. Unfortunately, most will take a few before growth stops.


Ref: 1) Filament: a conducting wire or thread with a high melting point, forming part of an electric bulb or thermionic valve and heated or made incandescent by an electric current.

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