Feeling Sexy Epilating

We all want permanent results when it comes to hair removal and most, of not all, believe that IPL, Laser &/or Electrolysis will solve all our problems. Although this may somewhat be correct for some, it doesn’t work for all. Electrolysis, has a 99% success rate for any type of hair, colour or skin although it is very expensive. Although not 100% sure but is the most expensive from all the hair removal methods.

There are quite a few reasons for wanting our hair removed yet the one topic I have not discussed, up until now is sex! Well, most will and have asked, “what are the benefits to removing pubic hair” or “do guys like it when women have no hair down there”? Another one which comes up often in conversation is “does it hurt when removing public hair”?

Guess what, I am going to answer these questions and if you have any more, feel free to leave a comment below . . .

Q. What are the benefits in removing Pubic Hair?
A. It feels good, smooth to touch and for some, making themselves feel better physically, mentally and emotionally.

Some find that they sweat less and feeling cooler than having hair there, covered up with underwear, then clothing. I guess, it is one less layer so to speak.

Another added benefit is the spread of STD’s and pubic lice. Back in the 80’s and 90’s, this was very common. Fast forward to now and quite common to have a Brazilian or Manzilian, this will if not has, eliminated this of happening. Its quite rare as there is no hair to begin with.

The downside being, it is very normal for hair to grow and is a natural part of our reproductive working and functioning bodies. There is the added benefit of pubic hair protecting the fine, delicate skin around that area also.

Q. Do guys (or partner) love it when women remove all their pubic hair?
A. There is always the feeling of touch, arousal, foreplay and of sensuality between couples when engaging in sexual activity. Again, being bare down there, does have benefits for all partners concerned.

Q. Does it hurt when removing pubic hair?
A. The first time . . . yes it does ALTHOUGH it is not as bad as you think!

If anything, it is more so the anxiety, knowing that you are wanting to wax or epilate yet not know what to expect let alone knowing that it will hurt.

The whole process to wax or epilate that particular area should be around 15-20 minutes total. That does NOT mean that it is 15-20 minutes of total pain. It actually MEANS that once you epilate, the pain only exists for 30-40 seconds if that for that area. THEN ITS DONE and COMPLETE!