Getting Ready:
  1. Epilating is a good alternative to shaving or waxing as it pulls out the hairs by the root. You are same results as waxing yet not having to waiting until the hair becomes a certain length. Learning the technique and you will get the minimal amount of discomfort with lasting results.
  2. Choosing a quality epilator matters. Picking a known brand as well as a well reviewed product is a good indicator. Your epilator will last a long time as well as being your next best friend.
Before Starting:
  1. Using an epilator that is cordless, be sure that it’s charged before you begin.
  2. Trimming your hair on your legs or shaving is best before you decide to epilate. Epilators work best when your hair is 0.5mm long so its best to do this 3-4 before your epilate or using a more expensive brand, will have the attachment. This will be easier to go over the area first before epilating.
  3. Set your self a time of roughly an hours for your first time. Once you are familiar with the progress, it will take around 30 to 45 minutes depending on what areas you are going to epilate. Its definitely slower than shaving but the end result will last much longer.
  4. Picking a time of day will depend on you and what you feel more comfortable with. If you are planning on doing this first thing in the morning, you legs may turn out a little tender or red. It will return to normal after a few hours.
  5. Deciding to epilate wet or dry does have its pro’s and con’s. Feeling the heat from the water, enables your pores to open, making the process less painful. Choosing to epilate dry allows the epilator to grasp the hairs, giving you a smooth and silky finish.
Lets begin:
  1. Epilators usually come with two settings – low and high. When using an epilator for the 1st time, set it on low until you are comfortable with the sensation, then switching it over to high to speed up the process.
  2. Begin with the lower part of the leg first as this is the least sensitive. As with waxing, this is the most common place to start. Hold the epilator close to the skin yet not too hard. Move the epilator over your skin in an upward stroke, against the hair growth. To make is easier for an epilator to grasp your hair, run you hand against the grain of your hair growth, making you hair stand up.
  3. You may need to go over the area slower or once again to make sure you get all the hair.
  4. Once finished, make sure you moisturise your legs. Using an Aloe Vera gel or essential oil will soothe the legs. Once the tenderness or redness is gone, your legs will be completely smooth.
Once Complete:
  1. Once finished, make you sure you clear your epilator after use. Using a wet epilator, you are able to rince this under running water. Using a dry epilator, you are able to clean it with the cleaning kit provided.
  2. As you are well aware, hair growth grows in stages so new growth may begin to appear after the 1st few days. The benefit of having an epilator is that you are able to go over the hair again rather than waiting for 3-4 weeks like you do with waxing.
  3. You are decide when you are wanting to touch up any areas or wait until your next epilating session. After several months, you will find that hair growth will be more finer and touch ups less frequent.
  4. Epilators can you used on other areas of your body as well as the more sensitive areas.